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First Publications!

posted Sep 7, 2014, 4:16 PM by Dean Hardy
Just want to take a moment to share two publications that I'm co-author on that came out recently. These also count as my first official journal articles, which is exciting! 

The first one was written by the first cohort of the Integrative Conservation (ICON) PhD Program at UGA in 2012, initially as a class paper. Good job everyone!

I had the great fortune of helping a few ICON faculty write the second one, which we wrote to outline the approaches that the UGA ICON program is taking to tackle the challenges of interdisciplinary education in conservation and sustainability science.

Vercoe, R. A., M. Welch-Devine, D. Hardy, J. A. Demoss, S. N. Bonney, K. Allen, P. Brosius, D. Charles, B. Crawford, S. Heisel, N. Heynen, R. G. de Jesús-Crespo, N. Nibbelink, L. Parker, C. Pringle, A. Shaw & L. Van Sant (2014) Acknowledging Trade-offs and Understanding Complexity: Exurbanization Issues in Macon County, North Carolina. Ecology and Society, 19(1).

Welch-Devine, M., D. Hardy, J. P. Brosius & N. Heynen (2014) A pedagogical model for integrative training in conservation and sustainability. Ecology and Society, 19(2).