University of South Carolina
ENVR 201 - Environmental Science & Policy I
GEOG 347 - Water as a Resource
ENVR ### - Coastlines & People (coming Spring 2021)

Other Courses
Seminar - Hazards, Disasters, & Society
Lecture - Chesapeake Bay: Changing Management & Policy


In addition to the above experiences, I taught biology and english courses as well as organized video presentations about the environment and water quality in Ugandan Primary Schools. I have given many lectures on cloud forest ecology, local culture, and social issues to U.S. high school and middle school children studying abroad in Ecuador.


I have two principle goals in my teaching: I want students to develop critical thinking skills through active learning methods. I also want students to become keen listeners who are capable of synthesizing the key points from an argument or theoretical framework. Central to my pedagogical style is for students to leave the instructional space (be it a classroom or cacao farm) with more knowledge, but also more curiosity, about how the world operates as a complex web of human-environment interactions.


An interactive map of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

An introductory lab on exploratory spatial data analysis in R